I went boating yesterday.

10 08 2009

We went boating yesterday and while we were tubing at roughly 25 mph, we built a 10 person pyramid on two tubes hooked togehter. And I finally learned to wake board and its awesome! its skating on water! and we went skiing and kneeboarding(my fav)!


I am seriously considering throwing my laptop out the window.

7 08 2009


Pugs Snore!!

6 08 2009

I am babysitting a pug and she snores ALL THE TIME! Even when shes not sleeping! ????????????

Dare ya to click on it :D

6 08 2009

Click on it! If you dontt I will hatch it myself then will send it to breaath fire all over you. MWAHAHAHA!


6 08 2009

Ok Im back and here it goes:
Erin (my bestie) is dating Stephen (my exboyfriend and other bestie). Taylor (You remember her right? well now shes a bitch.) loooves Stephen, and they have been mysteriously together a lot.
Today, me and erin and stephen and my other bestie brittany went to the water park. Stephen invited Taylor without any of us knowing. While Erin and Stephen were talking, Taylor would go up and starts flirting with Stephen.
Taylor and Stephen went to a summer dance (a normal dance but its middle schoolers and high schoolers dirty dancing basically) alone together without telling anyone. WTF? And today after Erin left it was just me britt stephen and taylor, and Stephen & Taylor went walking around by themselves for an hour.
I then told Erin and apparently she already knew that Taylor looooved Stephen. Taylor has been giving Erin sh!t about how she loooves stephen, and shes also been telling stephen that to. Stephens actually falling for it.
So heres the problem
Stephen+Erin= Good.
Haley+JackSparrow=EVEN BETTER!

Im Backkk!!!!! ;D

5 08 2009

Hey guys! Long time no see, eh? We got back from Texas areound 2:30 last night! Our flight got delayed 5 hrs!!!!
We went to an aquarium, swam in a freshwater spring, swam in my aunt and uncles pool, and did a bunch of fun things.
I havent seen my aunt or uncle or cousin or cousin in law for 4 years, and Ive never seen my 2nd cousin, cause shes only 2. She really liked me, and she acts and looks like me! 😀 how awesome is that?!
I also found a scoripion in their pool!!!
Then we went line danceing and we got taught how to dance in this old texas dance hall!!
It was sooo much fun!!!!!!

1:03 AM July 28th

28 07 2009

vid says all! i will miss yall!