About ME!

Ummm Here goes!

  • My favorite phrase (by me) is “Im not crazy, Im just pshchadellically  advanced!”
  • My favorite food is Chicken Alfredo
  • Im obsessed with my laptop
  • Im 5″2′
  • I just finished 6th grade
  • Right now, Im watching Spongebob
  • I run Cross Country
  • I swim. Im a swimming Freak!
  • HAHAHAHA I laugh alot!!!!! (no seriously, Ive even gotten in trouble for it)
  • I have a big ego
  • My friends are amazng
  • My best friends name is Erin
  • My other best friends name is Brittany
  • And Stephen
  • I like a guy from my church camp
  • Im very mellow at times, and hyper at others
  • I tend to overreact
  • I love green eyes,holding hands, cuddling, the beach, the hot days and cool nights of summer,and bonfires
  • I have a pathological fear of crabs
  • I am allergic to peppermint flavoring
  • I say “dude” a lot
  • I love shaarks
  • Im in 4H
  • I show rabbits
  • I am obsessed with the Spice Girls
  • I think leopard print anything is skanky
  • Tiger print is acceptable.
  • My motto is ” I have lovers and hater. You pick your side.”
  • I dont tolerate cheating. AT ALL!
  • I hate guys who think they’re “playas”. Personal experiance.
  • My otheer motto is “Im not crazy, Im just psychadellically advanced!”
  • When Im really bored, I go to twilighted.net and read stories for hours
  • I ❤ YouTube
  • Im on Myspace every hour of the day
  • :]
  • I love it when people come to my blog!
  • :]

3 responses

13 08 2009

LOL love it 😀

1 10 2009

I have green eyes. 😛

1 10 2009

sharks are awesome as well. I agree 100%! 😀

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