Im soo sore lol.

19 07 2009

swim meet- im ranked 3rd in the region for my freestyle! I missed 2ndd by .02 of a second!!!! arghhh! :]
boating- omg so much fun! I am soo sore tho cause when your tubing on the water, the boat goes in a zig-zag pattern and you are thrown back and forth over the wake of the boat, and you go airbourne when you go over the crest of the wake! But then, when you come back down, it hurts a lot! lol. so now my neck hurts, my back hurts, my legs hurt [idk whylol] and especially my shoulder. why my shoulder? (fyi we go roughly 20-25 mph on the tubes) i flew off the back and hit my shoulder smack on the water first before the rest of my body hit and it craccked and i couldnt feel it or move it at all at first. now i can move it but it really hurts, but its not swelled so its not like seriously injured tho. then we went knee-boadrding at bout 17 mph. then we swam, ate 5 batches of homeade french fries, and tubed some more! had a lot of fun!




One response

22 07 2009

Your neck, back, legs, and shoulder hurt becuase of being thrown around so much. LOL!

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