Things have fucked up lately.

28 08 2009

Sorry guys I wont be on lately. Im in a bad mood too. Bad few days.


Urgghh I guess :/

24 08 2009

My best friend autumn is setting me up with a freshman. His name is Isaac.
Not hat im against this, its just that ermm idk. I dont really want/need a bf? but anyway, here i am getting set up with isaac.


12 08 2009

Ok, so at xc yesterday, i fell down a hill. (i do that all the time, no biggie) but yesterday, my knee got cut open, and my ankle is twisted. We were still a mile away from the pavilon so I had to jog/walk back. Urgh. And now i cant bend my knee and my ankle is swollen.


11 08 2009

Im jamming out to my inappropriate playlist :)

11 08 2009

My mom had to go to work today so that mans me and my sister are jamming out all our bad music.
ex- Best I Ever Had by Drake
Lollipop (REMIX) Lil wayne (LOVE HIM!!!!)
And a bunch more inapproppriate songs, cause i just love rap-pop crossovers 🙂
I also call it my Club mix 🙂


10 08 2009

I updated the ABOUT ME! page.

So check it out.


10 08 2009


How did we get so slow?